** My chocolate/cream glaze varies from one bucket to the next. It varies during the heat work on each shelf in my kiln. If you order several pieces, they may not match perfectly, although firing them at the same time helps assure consistency. All will be gorgeous, but the glaze takes on its own melting process during firing. The more cream (top layer) I put on, the more blue will be noticeable. Since this glaze likes to run, I apply the third coat to the rim only. A thick coat to the rim will give more blue. Please let me know your preference when ordering.

Glaze Combinations
To make the glazes more colorful, I sometimes dip the rim in another color for contrast. I have tried numerous combinations, so I can advise on which ones look good together. Some are shown on my website. If you would like to order a certain piece in one of my particular colors, or a combination of colors, please call me so we can talk about it.
Chocolate with Red/Cream
Red Over Chocolate Cream

Off White

 Ash Golde
Deep Crimson


Jade Green
(Satin Matte)
Opal Blue
Floating Blue
Emerald Green
All glazes are shiny, except the Jade Green,  which contains crystals and is satin matte. Colors I have on hand continuously are listed below. Other colors are available.