Creating unique and functional pottery is a passion for Vicki. Most of her days are spent in her studio located near Cool, CA. While listening to music, she breathes purpose into clay. The dance that takes place while clay spins through her fingers is the place where magic begins.

Vicki’s natural artistic talent has attracted the attention of many collectors throughout Northern California. Her custom-designed natural glazes are reflective of the Sierra Foothills, where earth, water and fire unite in harmony. Each of Vicki's "kitchen art" pieces is decorative as well as functional. They are lead free, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

There are some pots that stand out from a potter's body of work. Some believe it is the kiln gods, some say it is the throwing and assembly of the pot or the magical spot in the kiln. Most often it is the combination of all of these.

Pottery brings the beauty of earth into people's hands. Vicki's creations will make a unique gift or memorable addition to your home. For more information on the pieces you see in this website, or to place an order, please: